Our History

About Fulcher Seafood — The passion that the Fulcher family feels about fishing and the seafood industry goes back many generations. Their humble beginnings were as fishermen on the outer banks for North Carolina. In the 1940’s two of the Fulcher brothers, Gaston and Garland, originally from Atlantic, North Carolina opened a seafood processing and ice plant in Oriental, North Carolina. Thus, beginning the Fulcher family in the business of Seafood processing.

Gaston’s two sons grew up working and playing around the docks and the processing plant. This instilled in Gaston’s son, Chris, a passion for commercial fishing at a very early age. In the 1970’s, together with his father and brother, the family purchased the fish house across the harbor, beginning the Fulcher Crab Company. This move afforded the family a larger facility and area for their business to grow. This new business soon included shrimp and fishing vessels: St. Peter, Miss Lauren, Miss Lisbon and The Venture. These trawlers worked the North Carolina coast as well as the Pamlico Sound to bring the freshest seafood to the docks of the Fulcher family business.

The Fulcher’s business grew to include a seafood packing facility in Louisiana and a steamed crab carry-out restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. During this important time of the business growth, Chris played a role in all aspects of his chosen profession. He operated refrigerated eighteen wheelers to transport their seafood to wholesale food distributors or other processors. Chris was manager of the docks, packing out trawlers and buying crabs from crab fishermen and dealers. He sold daily to the Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia fish markets. By participating in all of these occupations, he built a large base of networking that includes the elite of the fishing trawler captains and crews, truck drivers and seafood processors. All of these people are essential components to bringing the freshest, best grade seafood available to his customers..

In 1984, Chris along with wife Debbie, purchased the seafood processing plant and renamed it Fulcher’s Point Pride Seafood. This business in the same location has seen many changes in the seafood industry. Today the processor maintains its own fleet of steel hulled trawlers that are predominately named after family members or names with special meaning to the Fulcher family. Such as the “Lady Deborah “and the” Chaz’s Toy”. The facility and docks located in Oriental keeping with tradition still packs transit fishing vessels as well as their own.

Fulcher’s Point Pride Seafood today includes their son, Chaz Fulcher and daughter Christina Fulcher-Cahoon continuing the Fulcher family tradition in the commercial seafood industry. Chaz and Chrissy also grew up participating in the family business. Now, as working adults, each has brought aboard their own expertise to the future growth of the company. The family business has been expanding over the years to now include three more seafood facilities. These are Bay City Crab Company, Diamond Shoal Seafood, and Fulcher Seafood, LLC. They offer more areas for processing, packing, refrigeration and freezer spaces.

The Fulcher family now offers a variety of products brought to its customers in your favorite grocery store aisles. We strive to bring the freshest tasting, highest quality seafood products on the market, today. We look forward to serving you and your family our Legacy brand seafood.

Seafood is what we do best……it is the Fulcher’s Legacy!